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30 years ago today I was being rushed to the operating room for surgery. When I woke up the nurse said "you have a beautiful baby boy". I cried and was so mad, at God and anybody who got near me. I wanted a girl, I thought there was no way God would make me raise a boy. I wanted a pretty blonde little girl that I could dress up and play beauty shop with, she would be a cheerleader and homecoming queen. What I wanted was a do-over for me because I never got to do those things. But God knew I needed a boy. So when I finally got to see him I looked at him and told him, "well, I guess you know you have to play football". So he did. I'm so glad I have a son and I love him more than he will ever know. Happy Birthday Eric! Mama loves you. ( I still got to play beauty shop with him, he had the most beautiful blonde hair lol) homecoming dress shops near me