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What makes people lie about trivial things? I'm not talking about people who lie for personal gain, or to protect themselves -- where there's clearly a motive behind the lie, regardless of morals -- but people who seem to lie just for the sake of lying?

An example: A while back I was reading customer comments on a Holy Clothing dress that I happen to own. One person said "I have that one, but I have to wear another skirt under it because of the see-through lace panels." The ... thing is, the dress doesn't have "see-through lace panels," or lace panels of any sort (and never has). It LOOKS like it does in the pictures because of the lighting, but the panels are actually just a darker color with a different embroidery pattern. In other words, it's clear the person doesn't actually have the dress , and hasn't actually seen it in real life, but for some reason feels compelled to lie about it, even though she would appear to have nothing to gain by doing so.

Another example: Recently a couple of people on different occasions have casually mentioned that they bought my book a few years ago, when they were in Ireland.Completely untrue, as the book was only published this past May. This one could be a case of mistaken identity, I guess, though I'm not aware of any other book out there that deals with Irish-language translations for tattoos.

One final example: On the forums we will occasionally get people who come to us for verification of a translation they've received from "A friend in Ireland who is fluent in the language," even though it's obvious that whoever made that "translation" has no Irish at all (usually they look like dictionary jobs, i.e., words pulled out of an Irish dictionary and plugged into English syntax). Sometimes these people will get very insistent, claiming that the friend has a degree in Irish and/or is a native speaker who grew up in an Irish-speaking household. Either this person is lying or was lied to, but either way, I have to ask again, what's the point? homecoming dress shops in kansas city

Anyway, there's your philosophical question for Monday (and now you know what tends to keep me up at night! LOL!)

If you're curious, here's the dress in question. If you look at it in some of the colors, especially the view in which the model is holding the skirt out to the side, you can see how one might assume that it has inset lace /see-through panels, but I can assure you that it does not:

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